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Dive into the multifaceted world of Hendrik van der Ham, a man whose entrepreneurial spirit radiates in many directions. Born on a ship, his fascination with bridges emerged early in life. As a child, he dreamed of creating connections, and today, that dream serves as the unifying theme across all his endeavors and businesses.

With 'Bridges 2000', his own enterprise, Hendrik crafts tangible bridges that link ships and unite communities. However, his vision extends beyond steel and concrete; he also intertwines the essence of connectivity between ideas and individuals within his books.

One dream distinctly shines: 'Seventh', the ambitious architectural endeavor that sprouted from his imagination. A group of seven pyramids stands tall on a circular island off the coast of Dubai. Here, Hendrik envisions a haven where people live, relax, and congregate, bound together by mutual aspirations and the encompassing sea.

In his journey embracing versatility, Hendrik has honed the skill of creating bonds. This website provides a window into his universe, where the essence of connection flourishes, unadorned by pretentiousness. Here, you'll discover a 'unique' individual who truly embodies the art of authenticity.



Thought Leader in Sustainability & New Circular Economy

Writing, building, and advocating for sustainable causes have been the pillars of my personal and professional growth over the years. Writing has always been the preferred way of sharing and espousing my thoughts and ideas.

Hendrik Van Der Ham 
Visionary, Entrepreneur, Author, & Thought Leader

Hendrik Van Der Ham

He was born in Utrecht and grew up on inland vessels. In addition to life on board, he worked on the ship from a very young age. There was a mentality of “tackling because the work has to be done”. He, therefore, helped build and sail ships in the family business from an early age. Via a position as a diver in the army and some wandering, he started his first own company: an advertising and marketing consultancy and subsequently wrote his first books on psychology. In 1999, he started BRIDGES2000, which builds and rents bridges in the Netherlands, with contractors, governments, and event organizations being the customers. This company has grown into a project development company. He wanted to realize his dream of building, living, working, and becoming different and started SEVENTH in early 2007. The name SEVENTH stands for breaking free from self-condemnation. And of course, there is more to tell…


Professional Career

Founder of BRIDGES2000, which was established in 1999, the company initially focused on building and renting bridges but has since evolved into a project development company. The very first assignment for the company was to construct a 4.2 km long pedestrian bridge through the Himalayas, a pivotal project that solidified their principle of ‘Creating Safe Connections and Fit for Purpose.’ Over more than two decades, BRIDGES2000 has serviced the Event, Civil, Maritime, and Offshore sectors with owned assets, free of any loans. The vast experience garnered from bridge construction has further driven their enthusiasm into substantial construction projects.


On November 1, 1997, he launched his first book and has never looked back since. To date, he has finished 14 books, 5 of which have been published, and the next book on 'Resilient Sustainability' will be published shortly.


Vision on Resilient Sustainable Societies

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“Everything is going faster and faster. We are flooded with information. Time is precious. On the threshold between two worlds we are able to see two possibilities: one is resolving and experiencing the possibilities of tomorrow’s world, the other is sticking deep in today’s issues and stay there. We all have the abilities to choose the best for us. In my opinion this will be the first one, let’s change the world for the better. I do believe in humanity and it’s sanity – we need to Re- Design the world of tomorrow together. Are you in?"

Hendrik Van Der Ham


From Dream To Reality

Elevating Quality Of Life

Hendrik van der Ham's vision for Seventh was born from 40 nights of lucid dreams, which crystalized into the concept known as "The Other Way of Living." Inspired by nature's innate interconnectedness, Hendrik sought to revolutionize how we work and live, leading to the establishment of the Seventh Project Development company.



In 1999, Hendrik van der Ham founded BRIDGES2000, a company dedicated to ensuring safety through the construction of reliable bridge solutions, facilitating secure passages for people from one side to the other.


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