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Meet Hendrik Van Der Ham

Hendrik Van Der Ham, born in Utrecht, has always been intimately connected with the world of inland vessels, having spent his childhood immersed in a hands-on maritime environment. His early experiences aiding family shipbuilding endeavours ingrained in him a proactive and visionary spirit that would later drive his entrepreneurial journey. Hendrik founded Bridges2000, a notable venture in the industry, and is also the visionary behind Seventh Project Development, continuing to chart innovative paths in the business world.

Connecting People Together

Hendrik Van Der Ham prioritized connecting people, believing unity was essential for societal advancement. His dedication to large-scale projects showcased his vision for transformative communal connections.


Hendrik van der Ham’s entrepreneurial spirit is intentionally grounded in human advancement and elevating others. Navigating on ships since his childhood exposed him to water dynamics and crossing bridges in the Netherlands across Northern Europe. His fascination with building physical bridges then evolved into a higher motivation to create conscious connections. Today, that reality serves as a unifying theme across all his endeavours and businesses.


Hendrik van der Ham has always understood the power of connections, turning his big dreams into real-world change starting with Bridges2000. It was more than just a business—it was the start of building actual and symbolic bridges between people, ideas, and opportunities. Hendrik’s vision was ambitious, aiming to create a world where connections enable large-scale creation and innovation. This journey from building physical bridges with Bridges2000 to creating networks of harmonious living and working spaces with Seventh Project Development embodies his belief: strong connections form the foundation upon which large, collaborative, and innovative dreams are built and realized.


Hendrik van der Ham's visions have always reached beyond the ordinary, evolving from creating sturdy connections with Bridges2000 to aspiring towards a transformative way of life with Seventh. Initially, his focus on physical connections forged robust links, facilitating the meeting and melding of ideas, places, and opportunities. However, Hendrik's foresight didn’t stop at merely connecting points A and B. His vision blossomed into a profound desire to innovate how we inhabit and share our world, ultimately forming Seventh as a realization of this dream. He envisaged a space where people could converge, converse, and collaboratively elevate their living standards, weaving a community that doesn’t just coexist but thrives together.


Embarking on a quest to devise solutions for pressing societal issues, Hendrik van der Ham has always been resolute in his commitment to establishing sustainable societies. Seventh emerged not merely as a project but as a testament to his solution-oriented approach towards crafting sustainable living. It stands as an exemplar of how communities can thrive when they're built upon principles that cater to both current and future generations, conscientiously addressing critical societal challenges.


Thought Leader in Sustainability

Sustainable societies are constantly focused on magnifying choices and evolving to solutions that are as close as possible to existing for as long as possible. Seventh (the project I dreamed of) stands for “Elevating Quality of Life” and showcases how leaders do better, and humans act better. Our emphasis on being practical is suppressing our intuition, intuition that builds strength and resilience. SEVENTH helps people connect with their hearts, so we regain the balance here on earth.


Advancing for sustainable thinking and movements is the foundation of my own personal and professional growth over the years and by writing about them, I share the treasure of my thoughts and ideas.

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'Resilient Sustainability' is a seminal book soon to be published, outlining a vision of our future living and how we create resilient individuals in sustainable societies.


Hendrik has had a long authoring career next to building his iconic companies and has been writing for more than two decades.

On November 1, 1997, Hendrik’s first book “Speaking is Silver, Silence is Golden” was launched.


The 14 books of which 5 are published have contributed thought leadership in humanity’s well-being, wellness, and sustainable life approaches.


Vision on Resilient Sustainable Societies

Hendrik van der Ham's vision for Seventh was born from 40 nights of lucid dreams, which crystalized into the concept known as "The Other Way of Living" Inspired by nature's innate interconnectedness, Hendrik sought to revolutionize how we work and live, leading to the establishment of the Seventh Project Development company.


In 1999, Hendrik van der Ham founded BRIDGES2000, a company dedicated to ensuring safety through the construction of reliable bridge solutions, facilitating secure passages for people from one side to the other.

“Everything is going faster and faster. We are flooded with information. Time is precious. On the threshold between two worlds we are able to see two possibilities: one is resolving and experiencing the possibilities of tomorrow’s world, the other is sticking deep in today’s issues and stay there. We all have the abilities to choose the best for us. In my opinion this will be the first one, let’s change the world for the better. I do believe in humanity and it’s sanity – we need to Re- Design the world of tomorrow together. Are you in?"

Hendrik Van Der Ham

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