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The Allure of Superhero Movies

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Who doesn't love watching a movie? From tales of heroes to stories of multiple protagonists, and especially those about superheroes, our affection for them is undeniable. But where does this fondness originate? Specifically, where does our love for superhero films like Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman come from? It's a question I've pondered for a long time.

My research suggests that the emotions and events we see on screen often mirror our own life experiences — or those we yearn for. By viewing these films, we vicariously experience acts of heroism. So, after immersing yourself in such a movie, do you feel a surge of strength? Do you find yourself empathizing with the main character?

Human beings continually grapple with personal limits. Movies that delve into themes of theft, murder, or even war stretch and challenge these boundaries. While many argue that these films set or reinforce societal norms, I believe they offer a simultaneous sense of relaxation and heightened awareness. Just as our muscles tense during dreams in which we run or battle, observers of a thrilling movie exhibit similar signs of engagement.

Do movies transform us? I believe they do. Not only can films educate, but they can also shape our perceptions and beliefs. Some even argue that watching the right kind of movies can contribute to our overall well-being.

In essence, watching a movie is an experiential journey. If chosen wisely, a film can enrich our lives, offering a narrative that aligns with our external world.

I'm particularly drawn to superhero movies. Why this attraction? Reflecting on this, I've concluded that perhaps there's an inner hero in me, awaiting recognition or birth. These movies make me yearn for the concept of being “strong together.” They heighten my senses to such an extent that I find myself immersed in a world of superheroes, even in my dreams, leaping from one life event to another.

The potential of movies to positively impact our health also intrigues me. Could there be healing or preventative powers in watching the right kind of film?

Perhaps one day, I'll be a superhero. Unless I secretly morph into an actor instead — in which case, you might watch me on screen with hopeful eyes.

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