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Will The Netherlands Be The New Atlantis?

What if we were certain that financial markets would collapse in five years? Many would promptly withdraw their investments and consider selling their homes, potentially causing the markets to crash sooner rather than later. Such predictions might only come true when the majority remains unaware. This begs another question: How would we live if we knew we had only five years left?

Our approach to life would undeniably change. Some might face initial despair or feel trapped and immobilized. However, such feelings are often fleeting. The majority would radically adjust their lives in light of the looming deadline. The imminent end could enrich our lives, making each moment more precious.

I've known people in tumultuous relationships. Some fought incessantly, while others found mutual respect. Many have reconciled past grievances over time. Who hasn’t grown more understanding towards their parents? Who hasn't stood up for their rights? It took me a while to value my life, embracing both its joys and shortcomings. Recently, I realized that self-worth is a conscious choice, and our experiences hinge on our actions and perceptions.

The most significant relationships are often the most challenging. But their value? Immense. Delicate porcelain cups are prized because of their fragility. Similarly, human life is invaluable because of its impermanence.

Recognizing our mortality can be a driving force towards a life of higher quality. We should not fight for territories, but rather, our authentic selves. Living with intent means embracing our passions and talents. Judging less and understanding more can elevate our lives.

Returning to the article's title, “Will the Netherlands become the new Atlantis?”, I do believe an advanced society named Atlantis once existed. Not in the Pacific or Mediterranean but a vast landmass termed "Land of Poseidon". The solutions to age-old mysteries like Atlantis often stare us in the face. Perhaps they referred to this submerged land as "at land is sea", hinting at its present-day location – the Atlantic Ocean.

If future generations search for a lost world post-catastrophe, referring to the expanded Atlantic and saying, "at land is sea", might offer clarity. While I hope the Netherlands remains unaffected by rising sea levels, our world is evolving rapidly. I believe in reduced stress and the realization of our dreams. Hence, I'm cultivating a green oasis today, promoting balance, harmony, and health. To learn more, visit

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